Every day, our professional dog training programs achieve positive change in the lives of dogs and their families! Here’s just a few of our Boston Success Stories:

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Training for Aggressive Dogs and Dogs with Anxiety IssuesBear, a 10-month-old Shepherd mix was starting to show leash aggression, and was making David’s wife extremely uncomfortable. Before training, they were considering finding him a new home.

“Thank you for all you, and your dog training, has done for Bear.  My wife now feels much more comfortable with him and feels like she can communicate with him better.  Now she takes him for walks every day”


In-Home Dog Obedience Training and Behavior Problem Solving
Working with Sadie during training!



“Sadie and Dudely are doing great, we are so amazed by the difference we see in them, especially with Sadie and walking on-leash.  We’ve also noticed that they are both just much more attentive to our commands and likely to respond on our first request.  Thank you again for all of your help.  Being able to walk Sadie without fear of her lunging or pulling is amazing.”


Private professional dog training in obedience and behavior problem solving




“Jackie, Murphy has been doing great since we worked with you.  Our walks, which used to be a chore, and a huge source of anxiety for him, and us, are now a joy.  Thank You!”


“Hi Jackie- just a few nice little stories to share- we had a contractor come in yesterday (the one I said Brady hated and who’s afraid of Brady) and he was in place- did FABULOUS!!  one short quick bark and then nothing else 🙂 Also, woman came in the door of his day care when we were leaving – he normally would lunge- he did nothing 🙂 Yay!!  Just wanted to make you smile about his little successes.”


“Just took the dogs on a nice long walk with my friend and her Doberman. We passed about 15 dogs and Louie did not make a peep!!! He responded so well it was awesome! Now they are relaxing in place. This is awesome. I’m truly in awe. We even stopped to talk to a man about 15 feet away, I put both dogs in a sit and they both laid down on the grass for about 10 minutes while we talked with them. That was especially impressive for Betsey considering her fear of men. “


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