Meet the Professional Boston Dog Trainers

Jackie O’Neil -Owner/Head Trainer 

Jackie O’Neil is a professional dog trainer and dog behavior specialist. Before becoming a dog trainer, Jackie spent 8 years in the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. When she and her husband adopted their German Shepherd mix, Melvin, they quickly learned that he had some behavioral issues. To help Melvin, Jackie began to learn about poor dog behavior patterns, what causes them and how proper dog training could make a real difference.

Because of her fitness background and interest in dog behavior, Jackie was drawn to Jill Bowers’ Thank Dog! Training and Thank Dog! Bootcamp.  Through Jill, Jackie learned how to teach basic dog obedience. As she watched Jill work with ALL breeds of dogs with ease, including those with extremely high levels of aggression, she felt called to pursue a career in dog training, too. Jill introduced Jackie to her mentor, John Van Olden, the owner of Canine Trade Group. As an  accomplished dog trainer, John has taught some of the country’s most successful professional dog trainers.

Jackie was given the rare opportunity to train with John in his exclusive and rigorous dog behavior training program. The program included an intense study of the scientific theories of dog behavior modification.  It also covered all areas of training, from basic dog obedience training, to resolving complex behavioral issues.

Following her coursework with John Van Olden, Jackie completed hundreds of hours of hands-on dog behavior training with dogs of many breeds and temperaments. She also had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of dog owners.

Boston Dog Trainer, Jackie O’Neil offers professional, commitment-based dog training that begins in your home. From there, you and your dog progress to a public setting where your dog will learn to reliably listen to you regardless of distractions! In all cases, Jackie commits to working with you until we achieve all of our training goals.

Jenna Micieli – Professional Dog Trainer

From a young age, Jenna Micieli felt a strong connection with dogs.  As a child, she would walk neighbors’ dogs and watch every dog show she could find on Animal Planet.  Since she was not allowed to own any dogs when she lived with her parents, when she was finally of age, she began to volunteer at Islip Animal Shelter on Long Island, NY and became disillusioned with the number of dogs surrendered and euthanized.  She came to the realization that it was not so much the number of unwanted dogs that was the problem but a lack of understanding of dog behavior and how to help them.

Once she moved to Boston, she finally got her own dog, a purebred Australian Shepherd named Remy.  Remy had a few quirks but surely with treats and love, all would go well, right?  Wrong.  As Remy matured, he started to become aggressive with other people as well as reactive on leash.  It became so bad, she couldn’t walk Remy during the daytime hours when people were outside.  It was miserable both for her and Remy.  She couldn’t understand how she had done all the work, all the purely positive training videos on Youtube she had watched and yet was still having these major problems!  After realizing food was not enough, she called Jackie O’Neil as a last resort which turned out to be one of the best decisions she ever made.  She could not believe the progress Remy was able to make and did a complete 180 and was able to live peacefully without being anxious and aggressive.

After she decided working as an insurance contractor was not fulfilling, she started her own dog walking business.  With the knowledge that she had acquired, she took dogs that no other walker was able to handle.  Dogs that had bitten, lunged, pulled, it did not matter because all of that could be fixed with the invaluable tricks of the trade she had learned.  After referring a few clients back to Colonial, she was invited to join the team.  She happily accepted and is fully committed to helping people and their dogs live peacefully together.

Jenna graduated in 2011 with a BA from Hofstra University.  She has completed rigorous coursework from John Van Olden which taught all theories of canine behavior theory as well as received on-site hands on training from Jackie O’Neil and Kim Lancaster.  Jenna has read works from Bruce Fogle D.V.M, M.R.C.V.S., Pat Hastings, Brenda Aloff and Bryan Bailey.


Kim Lancaster – Professional Dog Trainer

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