Colonial Dog Training FAQ’s

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Another trainer said my dog is beyond help. Why do you believe differently?

We believe no dog is beyond help, and we go through more intensive training than most trainers to allow us to come to this conclusion. As long as your vet has ruled out any medical reasons for your dog’s behavioral problems, we can put our knowledge of canine history, canine psychology, training theory, and training methods to work for you. Your dog’s breed, age, temperament, training history, and history of ownership don’t matter. We will commit ourselves to getting your dog’s training back on track, and as long as you’re willing to do that same, we will never suggest surrendering or euthanizing your pet.

Where did you receive your education?

All of our trainers have extensive backgrounds that involve interacting with dogs, and they have all been fully certified by John Van Olden at Canine Trade Group. Each trainer who successfully completes the intensive certification course is guaranteed to have put in over three hundred hours of combined bookwork and practicum to ensure they know exactly how to handle any behavioral challenge that comes their way.

Where is your business located?

Colonial Dog Training is comprised of in-home trainers, so we don’t have a brick and mortar location. Instead, we offer the convenience of traveling to your location, if you’re within forty-five minutes of Boston, Massachusetts. If you’re unsure of if we’ll be willing to travel to your location, please give us a call.

Aren’t group classes more beneficial? I want my dog to be socialized.

If your dog has severe behavioral issues like anxiety, leash reactivity, aggression, etc. it is best to establish the training within the home, away from distractions, before encouraging your dog to interact with other dogs. Our in-home programs provide all the benefits of group training classes, while also providing less opportunity for the behavior to relapse.

Do you certify therapy dogs?

While our advanced training programs do provide the training needed for most certification programs, we are not currently equipped to certify therapy dogs ourselves.

Do you train attack dogs?

No. Attack dogs can be unstable. Our goal at Colonial Dog Training is simply to mold the perfect family pet.

How much will all this cost?

Not as much as you think. We charge one flat fee that encompasses all of the training goals. This means that you pay one fee up front, and that’s it until our job is done. No matter how many house calls we make, phone calls we take, or e-mails we answer, we won’t charge you extra fees.

How are the training goals decided?

You and your trainer will sit down during the in-home consultation and come up with a training program that will work for both you and your dog. Your commitment to the program is essential for your dog’s success.

How do I get started?

Call Colonial Dog Training at 617.209.7721 or send us an e-mail to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives and/or schedule an in-home consultation.