Dog Training in Rhode Island

By popular demand, we have begun to offer professional dog training in Rhode Island, by appointment.

Professional dog trainer, Jackie O’Neil has begun taking her extremely successful program to Rhode Island having many requests from dog owners who have been told that their dog’s behavior issues were so severe that they can only be solved with an extremely expensive, and unnecessary boarding and training program.

Jackie employs a common-sense approach to dog training in Rhode Island that will allow you to see results on the first day of training, no matter how severe your dog’s issues are!   Jackie has an extremely high success rate, and our clients have the same level of control and understanding of their dog after our first dog training session, if not more, than had they left their dog with a trainer for two, three or even four weeks.

If you have been told your dog’s behavior issues are too severe for help, or that the only answer is an extremely expensive boarding and training option, please contact us today for a no-obligation behavior consultation.   In all cases, once our training commences, we commit to working with you until we achieve your training goals!

Call us today at 800-649-7297, or use our contact form  to take the first step in improving your dog’s life, and the relationship between you.