Why Crate Training is Vital for Puppy Training Success

Crate training is an often-overlooked part of raising a puppy that is often misunderstood as cruel or restrictive – won’t they get bored, or be lonely? The key to crate training is moderation. Just like you, your puppy needs alone time and their own space. Crates can provide number of benefits to owners and can be essential for teaching a puppy the basics of their new home. Dogs will instinctively try not to go to the bathroom in their sleeping area, helping to teach the dog bowel control when they stay in a crate overnight.

Prevents Behavior Problems from Developing

crate training is vital for successfully training your puppy, find out why!Using a crate prevents a dog or pup from getting into trouble when you can’t supervise directly, so this training can be a huge relief for owners when they need to leave the house or even do something across the room. A puppy is like a baby – you don’t want to leave them unsupervised and out on their own. It may feel easy to work around, but as an owner you’ll discover that there are tons of moments where you can’t have your eyes directly on your dog, and a crate is a safe, reliable place where they can go.

Safe Haven for your Puppy

Dogs will begin to view it as a safe haven, or a private space. It teaches puppies and excitable dogs to expect and enjoy some down time, meaning that you can help wean a puppy off crazy playtime by putting them in their controlled space. The key is providing them enough room to comfortably stretch or turn around, as well as toys and comforting materials like a blanket.

What Crate Should You Buy?

When buying your first crate, especially for a puppy, remember that they’re going to grow out of it in a few weeks. Buying a large one to start off with isn’t a bad idea, and will give them more room to play.  Make sure you are listening for your puppy’s queues and limiting their time in the crate to a few hours at a time in the beginning.

If you want some direction with crate training or aren’t sure if it’s okay for your dog’s personality, give us a call today, or learn about our in-home training programs here.