Training Prevents and Addresses Anxious Behaviors

Training Prevents and Addresses Anxious Behaviors  While working with a fellow dog trainer in Connecticut we talked about how most inappropriate behaviors from dogs tend to go back to some sort of anxiety. Dogs that are skittish or aggressive toward other dogs or maybe new people aren’t vicious beasts…they most likely were not properly socialized … Continued

Why we work with Veterinarians

Why we work with Veterinarians  We frequently receive referrals from veterinarians who are treating dogs suffering from behavioral problems. Often times it is the behavioral problems that have landed the dogs and their owners in the animal hospital. An example of this is a dog that has severe anxiety and injures themselves as a result. … Continued

Hyperactivity is a Serious Behavior Problem

Hyperactivity is a Serious Behavior Problem  A hyper dog is most likely not going to be a well-behaved dog. Not only that, a hyper dog is most likely not going to be a happy dog. For most dog owners, obedience and happiness are the two biggest things they want their dogs to demonstrate! One of … Continued

Dog Training = Owner Training

Dog Training = Owner Training  The most successful dog training is when the owner is involved. After all, if the dog cannot behave for their owner and in their owner’s home, what is the point of training at all? As a professional dog trainer here in Boston, I often get inquiries about offering a “Board … Continued

Boundaries Help Our Dogs Succeed!

Boundaries Help Our Dogs Succeed!  Everyone to a certain extent has boundaries that they set up for themselves and for others. When people adopt dogs, it is important to set boundaries and help the dogs understand what these boundaries are, and how not to cross them. Many people think that because dogs are animals, they … Continued