Hyperactivity is a Serious Behavior Problem 

A hyper dog is most likely not going to be a well-behaved dog. Not only that, a hyper dog is most likely not going to be a happy dog. For most dog owners, obedience and happiness are the two biggest things they want their dogs to demonstrate!

Boston Dog Trainer Blog...dogs need physical and mental exercise!One of the best ways to get a hyper dog under control is to drain that excess energy with exercise! Whether it’s taking your dog for a jog, or playing fetch for an hour, exercise will tire a dog out and bring both you and your dog some peace of mind! Making sure you know how to exercise your dog properly is a very important part of dog ownership.

Hyperactivity is a behavior issue and should be treated as such. While physical exercise is main component to battling canine hyperactivity, mental exercise is just as important. Also, if your dog has no structure or boundaries, the hyperactivity can get more out of control, even with regular physical exercise.

Here are some tips to deal with a hyperactive dog:

1. Make a regular exercise schedule for your dog. Walks are one of the best ways to exercise a dog, but do make sure your dog’s leash behavior is good. Leash reactivity or aggression might get a dog in trouble, and also reinforce the wild, hyper behavior. If you’re a sedentary person or have limited time to fit in exercise for you and your dog, consider hiring a dog walker or look into dog daycares, if you think that environment would be good for your dog.

2. Training is mental exercise and gives your dog an excuse to think more and also get tired. Who doesn’t want a dog that knows his manners and also calms down quickly?! Even basic command exercises can be great exercise and fun for your dog. Once the basics are covered, look into challenging your dog more with exercises, adding more distractions or distance.

3. If you’re getting bored just doing commands, look into fun tricks and games! Have your dog learn some nose work, or perform some fun things like Roll Over or Shake. These are very easy to learn and while they aren’t basic behavior commands, it’s a great way to set your dog up for success and to keep their mind alert. 

4. If none of these are working for you, then call me and we’ll get rid of your dog’s hyperactivity, and make him a happy, healthy dog that isn’t driving you (and himself) nuts! Call the office at 800-649-7297 and we’ll set up a training plan that caters to your training goals and that will eliminate that pesky hyperactivity your dog is suffering from!