Dog Training = Owner Training 

The most successful dog training is when the owner is involved. After all, if the dog cannot behave for their owner and in their owner’s home, what is the point of training at all? As a professional dog trainer here in Boston, I often get inquiries about offering a “Board and Train” program, where I will take the dog, train it, and return it fully behaved to the owners. While this can be a popular option, and I am not disputing the effectiveness for other trainers’ Board and Train training program, but I avoid this type of approach because even with follow-up instructions, I think that this could be a detriment to the dog.

How so? you may ask. The answer: the owner is not part of the training process and behavior growth.

Boston Dog Training = Owner TrainingTraining a dog to do commands, behave around other dogs and people, or to not cry in their crate can be accomplished by any committed professional dog trainer. Owners call professional dog trainers normally because they have tried several techniques themselves to teach their dog, and have struggled or completely failed. Trainers are hired to train dogs, but in reality, they should also be teaching and helping the owners.

Trainers should teach owners not only how to hold a leash, but how to properly navigate and control their dog on a leash when they get excited by an outside distraction. Trainers should teach owners not only how to administer commands, but also to exhibit genuine leadership and confidence for the dogs. Trainers should teach owners not only how to set up the dog for success for the training, but to also set their dogs up for success for their lifetime.

While an intense boarding and training session with a trainer, and then follow up instructions to the owner could reap success and satisfaction, there’s a great risk of misunderstanding, miscommunication, and misuse of the training tools and methods. Plus, I see taking the owner out of the training process a disservice not only to the dog, but to the owners and their confidence. When an owner takes the lead themselves and shows their dog behavioral success, there is a surge of confidence and hope for both of them. I love working with dogs and their people, but I also love passing on the knowledge to the owners and giving them the opportunity to not only be part of their dog’s success, but actually be and feel responsible for it!

Dog training is about training dogs, and their people! With all my Boston dog training programs, I work closely with both canine AND human, and both are always set up for success and a lifetime of behavioral achievement!

If you’re interested in being part of your dog’s behavioral growth, check out my training programs and call me at 800-649-7297!