Boundaries Help Our Dogs Succeed! 

Everyone to a certain extent has boundaries that they set up for themselves and for others. When people adopt dogs, it is important to set boundaries and help the dogs understand what these boundaries are, and how not to cross them.

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Boundaries are good for dogs!

Many people think that because dogs are animals, they should have total freedom and given the opportunity to figure things out for themselves. But in many ways, this is just a way to set the dog up for failure. If we as humans are going to adopt dogs as pets into our home, we need to do them the benefit of training them, and showing them what the rules and guidelines are in the house. It is unfair to just expect our puppies and dogs, without any type of guidance, to just figure out how to potty train themselves, or learn not to jump when excited, or to come back when called. Many dogs can learn things quickly, and with some bad habits, they can learn to grow out of them. But normally, there needs to be a pack leader to show them how to behave and be successful.

I had a client named Ken that adopted a dog named Bailey. This client had many dogs in the past before Bailey, and never had to seek out professional dog training. Now with Bailey, there were some new challenges, such as crate and separation anxiety. Friends tried telling Ken to just let Bailey figure it out, and that she would eventually become more comfortable and “get over it”. Without taking the initiative, Bailey’s behavior worsened and Ken was at a loss at what to do.

Training is not just about getting your dog to do tricks and commands, but more so about being a leader for your dog. Training can cement the bond between owner and dog, and help the dog understand how to be a happy, obedient dog that lives a rewarding life with their human family. Many times when we leave a dog to it’s own devices, then we are setting them up failure and confusion, which can lead to more serious problems such as severe anxiety or even aggression.

If we expect our dog to behave a certain way in our home, front yards, at the dog park, in the pet store, at the vet, etc., then we have to show them what these appropriate behaviors are, and help them learn to avoid inappropriate behaviors. If you need professional help with training your dog into learning these better behaviors, call 800-649-7297 and we’ll set you and your pup up for a lifetime of success!