Aggression CAN Be Fixed with Our Boston Dog Training Programs at Colonial

When a dog begins showing signs of aggression, the advice is often “Get him out of the house!” or “Euthanize him!” Rarely, if ever, is the simple solution of in-home training suggested.

Boston Dog Training programs for aggressive dogsMany people view aggression as unfixable, as an inherent part of the dog’s personality. More often than not, however, aggression rears its ugly head in a dog due to issues in communication. Without even realizing it, the owner may have given the dog subtle signals that he was in the leadership position, when the owner should always be viewed as the leader of the pack.

Giving into your dog begging at the table, giving him free rein to lay on furniture, and even letting him nip at you playfully can all make your dog feel as if he is in a position of authority. Remember, dogs are pack animals. In a pack, the leader eats first, takes the best sleeping area, and nips to keep the other pack members in line. If your dog believes he is the leader, he’ll feel he has a right to make decisions as to who is allowed in the house, if anyone can touch his food, sit with him on the couch, etc.

This isn’t to say you can’t enjoy the type of familial bond you’ve always dreamed of with your dog. You just have to be careful that he understands you are letting him have table scraps, you are letting him sit on the couch with you, and, quite honestly, rough play should just be avoided. He should obey commands reliably and leave the table or couch the moment you tell him to.

If your dog has already fallen into an aggressive routine, it can be fixed. We simply have to rewire him, and this is done using techniques such as basic obedience training, proper leash handling techniques, place training, and structured scheduling, to name a few.

So before you send your aggressive dog away, or worse, give in-home training a try. You’ll learn effective communication skills, and you’ll see results! Give me a call today at 800.649.7297 to learn more.